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General Conditions


  • We expect respect for dogs: we will not tolerate hitting, kicking etc of dogs, which consequently could lead to being excluded  from further participation in the course.
  • Furthermore, we expect respect for the fellow participants, instructors and visitors. Of course, this is mutual.
  • We would inform you that we are guests on the parking grounds of Duindigt. As there are horses and their riders/attendants who also have every right to use the parking grounds, we need to be considerate with each other. Fortunately, the grounds are big enough for all of us. We expect respect from our participants towards the other users of the grounds. Consequently, we expect that  any dogs known to chase horses are put on lead in the grounds as well as in the near vicinity when there are horses nearby.
  • New members are registered after they have filled in an application form. Subsequently, sending the form (electronically) to us is considered to be your agreement with the General Conditions of Astrid’s Puppy Class. The General Conditions are valid for all of our classes.
  • After you have sent the form to us, your subscription is definite. This means that a place is kept free for you and that you are now obliged to pay the course fee. The course fee must be paid in advance in the first lesson.
  • The course fee can only be refunded in one single situation, i.e. if the enrolled dog dies.
  •  If for one reason or another you are unable to take part in a course for which you been registered, it is only possible to cancel the course  ultimately one week before the starting date. If you have let us know that you will not be present within this period, we will charge you € 25 for administrative costs. If, however, this period has already expired we will charge you the full sum.
  • If you or your dog should happen to be ill for a long(er) time, kindly contact us so that we can look for a possibility to catch up on the lessons missed in another course (within the current year).
  • A minimum age of 15 years is required for all trainers of the dogs during all Astrid’s Puppyclass courses.
  • Everybody is personally responsible for possible harm done to a third party by themselves or their dog. Therefore, you need to be in possession of a WA insurance (third party insurance) which includes insurance of your dog. Hondenschool Astrid’s Puppyclass is not responsible for any damage done by your dog to a third party.
  • Participants of Astrid’s Puppyclass are obliged to have their dog vaccinated every year; this is necessary to protect both your own dog and the other dogs present. The vaccination certificate must be shown at the time of registration.
  • We expect you to join the training lessons as often as possible. Participants who have not attended the lessons more than three times without giving us notice will be excluded from the final exam.
  • If you are unable to come, please let us know in advance. By phone: 070- 3473065; cell phone: 06 52051337; or Email:
  • If due to the weather situation you wonder whether a lessons will or will not take place, you can also use above numbers to check for yourself. However, please bear in mind that it must be even worse than ‘beastly weather’ (e.g. a thunder storm and/or other extreme weather) before the lessons are cancelled. Lessons that have been cancelled because of extreme weather situations or a bad state of the grounds can not be given later.
  • We expect you to enter and leave the training grounds with your dog on a lead so that the lessons are not disturbed. At the end of the lesson the dogs are allowed to play with each other under supervision of the instructors. If your dog shows aggressive behaviour, the instructor is entitled to intervene and request you to keep your dog on a leash.
  • Please come at the appropriate time to participate in the lessons.
  • We train the dogs with an ordinary collar and a lead of one meter length. It is, however, possible to confer with the management (Astrid Baggerman van Houweninge (070 – 3473065) about another way to train the dog.
  • Please take the dog for a good long walk before the lesson starts. However, if despite the walk the dog does have a little accident during the training, you are obliged to clean this up yourself immediately. Please take your own plastic bags, or the special bags for dogs faeces, with you to the lessons. We have placed a white bucket in the grounds specially for this purpose and we will see to the further disposal of the waste.
  • Bitches in heat and sick dogs are not allowed in the training grounds. If you suspect that your dog has an infectious disease (e.g. kennel cough) please contact your vet as soon as possible and kindly let us know what his/her verdict is (phone: 070 3473065; cell phone: 06 52051337). We would strongly advise you to take part in the lessons without the dog so that you can then practise at home with the dog, to prevent it from getting too far behind. Bitches in heat are allowed to take part in the final exams. However, they must stay in the car until it’s their turn, which will be the final turn.
  • Of course, your partner, children and/or other persons interested in the lessons are welcome to come and have a look. Because young dogs are easily distracted, we kindly ask the visitors to keep a good distance. Visiting children are the responsibility of the on-looking elder.
  • Changing the trainer during the course or a lesson is a nuisance for both the instructor and the other participants and confusing for the dog, therefore it is not permitted. However, after conferring with us, it is possible to have a stand-in for one lesson if the regular trainer is unable to come providing the stand-in has been present before as often as possible and is well informed on the method of training.

If the dog is still a puppy and doing the separate exercises it is possible to  change between the regular trainer and/or the partner providing they have been present at the lessons as often as possible and are well informed of the method of training. But the follow-programme must be done with the regular trainer.

  • The dogs are not allowed to play with each other during the lessons. They are supposed to pay full attention to their  trainer and not be distracted by the other dogs. The only way for young dogs to learn is by paying attention to their trainer.
  • At the end of the lesson (halfway through for the puppies) the dogs are allowed to play with each other. The participant is responsible for this. He/she has to mind his/her own dog. This takes place under the instructor’s supervision, he/she can intervene at any given moment.
  • Smoking is not permitted during the lessons. We request you to turn off your cell phones.
  • The instructor is the only person who decides how and when training takes place.
  • If you have any complaints, kindly discuss them with the management: Astrid Baggerman van Houweninge (phone: 070 – 347 30 65). After the lesson or by phone or Email. We will always take time to discuss your complaints with you.