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Welcome to the website of Dogschool “Astrid’s Puppyclass”, the school where dogs are taught to behave properly, to obey their owner and the school where owners are taught to train their dog.

We accept all kinds of dogs in our classes, from puppy to mature dog, pedigree or cross-breed.

General class information

It is very important to teach your dog to obey commands and behave in a socially acceptable manner, so that it will become a valued member of society and will cause as little as possible trouble inside and outside the home.

Isn’t it wonderful when you have trained your dog so well that you are welcome with it anywhere; that your dog comes immediately when you call it; that your dog doesn’t drag you along the pavement but walks beside you quietly; etc.

It is very important too that you keep on repeating the excercises at home, because one hour a week is definitely not enough to teach the dog everything it needs to know.

We would also advise you to read as much as possible about the characteristics of the breed of your dog and about dogs in general. You can find many books and magazines about dogs in the shops, as well as on the Internet.

Positive learning/training

Our way of training dogs is by rewarding them and we can teach both you and your dog that you are the boss in a easy-going way. We also pay attention to the training part which includes the rules necessary to get a well-trained dog that everyone likes. Socialization between puppy’s is included at playtime during the lessons, under supervision of the course trainer.

We also welcome English-speaking members to our courses. In 5 private lessons you and your puppy will learn the basic facts of obedience.

If there are several applicants at a time, we can start a group. After the first course has been completed, it is possible to continue with a second course which also comprises 5 lessons. You can join our private lessons with a puppy, but also with a mature dog.

The English spoken courses can only be taken on Saturday mornings. A scheme of 5 lessons will be planned together with you.

Would you like to enroll in a training course?

Please phone me or send me an e-mail to know when you can start the course. To enroll please press the button Registration Form. Our main aim is to always give you and your dog a good time!
Please come and take a look without any obligations, contact us, you are always welcome!
Astrid Baggerman van Houweninge and Bert Roeleveld